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Magic Spells Comando's
dutchneon 0 Reacties · Likes · Zoals · 13th December 2013
Spell List

This is a list of spells currently available in the MagicSpells plugin.

Command Spells

These are spells that must be typed using the /cast command. Some of these spells are almost necessary for the plugin to work well (like list and help), but none of them are actually required.

List Spell - Lists the player's currently known spells.
Help Spell - Shows information about the indicated spell.
Teach Spell - Teaches another player a spell.
Forget Spell - Causes a player to forget a spell.
Spellbook Spell - Turns a bookcase into a spellbook that can teach players a specified spell when clicked.
Bind Spell - Allows a player to override the default wand binding. Usage is: /cast bind <spellname>, while holding the desired wand item in hand.
Unbind Spell - Removes a wand binding for a spell.
Scroll Spell - Creates a spell scroll that can be used to cast spells without knowing the spell. Has a limited number of uses.
Tome Spell - Creates a book that can be read (right-clicked) to learn a spell. Usage: while holding a written book, type /cast tome <spellname> [uses].
Instant Spells

These are spells that are cast instantly. These can be cast either by using the /cast command or by swinging a configurable casting wand.

Confusion Spell - Causes nearby monsters to attack each other.
Conjure Spell - Conjure materials out of the air.
CraftSpell - Opens a crafting window.
Dowse Spell - Find nearby ore or entities.
Enderchest Spell - Access your ender chest inventory.
Fire Nova Spell - Summons an expanding ring of fire.
Food Spell - Restores some of your food meter.
Forcepush Spell - Pushes all enemies away from you.
Freeze Spell - Sprays snowballs, slowing enemies they hit.
Gate Spell - Teleports to a defined location (the spawn point by default).
Leap Spell - Jump a long distance forward.
Mana Spell - Restores mana.
Mark Spell - Marks your current location for later recall.
Particle Projectile Spell - A customizable projectile using particles.
Phase Spell - Phase through solid matter to the other side.
Prayer - Heals yourself.
Projectile Spell - Fires a projectile and causes a targeted spell effect where it hits. (example: explosivearrow)
Purge - Kill all monsters and animals around you.
Recall Spell - Teleports you to your marked location.
Repair Spell - Instantly repairs your gear.
Ritual Spell - A spell that requires multiple participants to cast (example: summon)
Roar Spell - Forces nearby monsters to attack you.
Throw Block Spell - Throws a block (example: anvil)
Time Spell - Changes the time of the world. (example: sun)
Wall Spell - Creates a temporary wall to block your enemies.
Targeted Spells

These are spells that are targeted, either at a monster, another player, or at a point on the ground.

Targeted Entity Spells

These are spells that target an entity, either a monster or a player (sometimes the casting player).

Chain Spell - Bounces from target to target.
Cleanse Spell - Removes effects from a target, like fire and potion effects.
Combust - Sets the target enemy on fire.
CrippleSpell - Slow down your target enemy for a short time.
Disarm Spell - Forces your targeted player to drop their held weapon.
Drainlife Spell - Steal life from your enemy.
EntombSpell - Traps the target enemy in glass.
Fireball Spell - Throws a fireball.
Forcetoss - Throws the targeted enemy into the air.
Geyser - Create a geyser of water that shoots your enemy into the air.
HealSpell - Heal a target player.
Homing Missile Spell - Summons a magical projectile that chases the target.
Levitate Spell - Cause a target to levitate and fly where you point.
Pain - A generic direct damage spell.
Potion Effect Spell - Applies a potion effect either to the caster or the target. (examples: blind, poison)
ShadowstepSpell - Teleports you behind your target.
Silence Spell - Prevent a player from casting spells for a time.
Summon Spell - Summon another player to your position.
Switch Spell - Switch places with the targeted player or creature.
Targeted Location Spells

These spells target a block or location.

Area Effect Spell - Apply spell effects to all nearby enemies.
BlinkSpell - Teleports you to your target location.
Build Spell - Builds a block remotely.
Explode Spell - Causes an explosion at your target location.
Farm Spell - Causes crops to grow.
Forcebomb Spell - Throws enemies away from the targeted location.
Lightning Spell - Calls down lightning at your target location.
Materialize Spell - Creates a block at a location. (example: water)
Pulser Spell - Creates a block that pulses a configured spell until it is gone or destroyed.
Spawn Monster Spell - Spawns a monster nearby.
Telekinesis Spell - Activate switches and buttons remotely.
Transmute Spell - Turns the targeted block into another block.
Tree Spell - Grow a tree at a target location.
Volley Spell - Launches a volley of arrows at a target location.
ZapSpell - Destroys the target block.
Buff Spells

These are spells that you cast on yourself to give yourself enhancements. They generally have a duration or number of uses. These can be cast either by using the /cast command or by swinging a configurable casting wand.

Armor Spell - Get temporary armor.
CarpetSpell - Walk on a flying carpet of glass. Use Windwalk Spell instead
Empower Spell - Empowers your spells to make them stronger.
FlamewalkSpell - Burn enemies around you as you walk.
FrostwalkSpell - Freeze water as you walk across it. Use Waterwalk Spell instead
GillsSpell - Lets you breath underwater.
Haste Spell - Lets you run faster for a time.
Invisibility Spell - Makes you invisible to monsters and other players.
Invulnerability Spell - Become invulnerable to damage. (examples: invulnerability, safefall)
LifewalkSpell - Flowers bloom in your footsteps.
LightwalkSpell - Lights your path.
Lilywalk Spell - Walk on water across lilypads.
Mana Regen Spell - Increases mana regen for a time. (example: clarity)
MinionSpell - Summons a minion to fight for you. Does not work properly
ReachSpell - Place and (instantly) destroy blocks from a distance for a time.
ReflectSpell - Causes spells casted at you to reflect back to the caster.
Spell Haste Spell - Reduces the cast time and cooldown of spells for a time.
StealthSpell - Makes you invisible to monsters.
Stonevision Spell - Allows you to see through stone.
WalkwaySpell - Creates a magical walkway that always stays ahead of you. Use Windwalk Spell instead
Waterwalk Spell - Walk across the water.
Windwalk Spell - Fly through the air.
Other Spells

External Command Spell - Create a spell from a command provided by an external plugin.
Multi Spell - Allows you to create a spell by combining multiple other spells.
Targeted Multi Spell - A special type of multi spell that only works with most targeted spells.
Passive Spell - Creates triggers to activate and cast other spells.
Arrow Spell - Triggers when an arrow lands.

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